People seek counseling services for a variety of reasons. Individual therapy with a counselor offers extra support with someone who is not a family member or a friend. It allows a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere to explore ones emotions, thoughts, struggles and behaviors throughout the ups and downs of life's transitions.


When working with a therapist, a person is able to find the tools that work best for them as they identify their sense of self, discover their own set of personal coping skills and learn new ways to express themselves in a safe and healthy way. It also allows the chance to work one on one to support growth and change while creating a unique personal and healing relationship between client and therapist. 


Providing children and teens with their own safe space to release and process emotions, gives them the opportunity to talk with someone outside of their family and friends. This allows them to navigate through the emotions and behaviors they may be experiencing, both internally as well as externally, as they create new ways of coping.


Many times, bringing the child and parent together in therapy can help foster what children and teens need most. For the people who love and care for them to understand them. For their caregivers to be with them as they navigate through life's turbulent moments in a way that communicates compassion, understanding, acceptance, and love. 


When appropriate and helpful, parent-child sessions and/or family check-in sessions can be scheduled. These sessions are scheduled in conjunction with your child's individual therapy. 


Please note: If you are specifically looking for consistent family therapy, a referral can be provided for a family therapist.

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